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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the category icons displayed in 2.2.1 cause significant data transfer?
No, they are only fetched once and only for the categories actually displayed. Feel free to clear the cache in the application settings. There are no imminent plans to also show product icons in lists since there are significantly more of these!

Galaxy Nexus sometimes hangs?
A bug in 4.0.2 that affects the search history may cause a hang or restart. This is not really related to PriceSpy/Prisjakt, as any app using 40+ history items in search can trigger it (though this may not be a very common feature). The real solution is to upgrade to 4.0.3 or later - as a workaround you can clear the search history now and then.

The installation/upgrade never completes!?
This is a problem with Market which occurs seemingly randomly. Typically the problem goes away if you go to Settings > Applications > Manage > All > Market and clear all the application data. At worst, try a reboot as well.

How can I combine filters?
Many Categories have filters - when you have selected your first filter, the button will split in two and the right one will let you select additional filters, such as "Android phones", "Design: Slidable" and "With FM radio". You can request additional filters using the Report-tab on

How can I compare products?
Browse through Categories until you find the products you'd like to compare. Then press-and-hold the first one - a tickmark will appear on that line and along the bottom you will find a counter as well as a Compare button. When at least two have been selected you can press the Compare button and a dialogue will present the details side by side. You can pan and zoom as you are used to, including pinch zoom.

How can I manually enter my position?
As of 1.3.6 there is an experimental setting for Position, by default your GPS will be used as before. If you want to use some other position you can enter the name (preferably a city) and then select one of the suggestions that come up - coordinates will be found automatically. Advanced users may enter a newline after the name and key in latitude and longitude separated by a space - any incorrect value will revert to the GPS.

How can I show my appreciation for this free application?
Feedback is good and I've recently put Zap's beer on the Market - buy it to give me a beer!

Why is the application suddenly in English?
Your phone is not set to use Swedish. Earlier releases ignored this, but the current release honours the automatic detection of Swedish, Norwegian and English. If your phone did not come with a Swedish locale to select, you can add it using the "MoreLocale 2" application for instance - enter "sv" and "SE". Note that many other applications (such as Market, GMail and Facebook) will also support this, and entering text will no longer mess up for instance "i" with "I" etc. As of 1.2.6 you can also make use of the specially tailored language "en" "SE" - this will show Prisjakt in Swedish while most of the rest of the phone is in English. As of 1.3.2 you may also try an experimental override setting.

What is the difference between the 3 lookup sites?
Each is focused on a different country and therefore the contents are different. The Swedish one was first and therefore has the most products - hence, if you are more interested in details (and understand a bit of Swedish) it may be your best choice. However, the NZ site may be better if you only read English. The Norwegian site is quite new, but building up.

"Share via" doesn't work with some applications
This is up to each application. The listed applications claim that they can handle the provided text. Some can use the subject, but some (notably Facebook) just mess things up. To make it work you need to contact whoever wrote the application, but please let me know when you find a problem.

Why isn't the given price (or stock figure) the same as in the actual shop?
Prices and stock figures are picked up from each web shop. Some actual shops may have different prices even though they belong to the same chain and their stock figures are not available.

Why isn't the GPS used live?
Since 0.9.9 it is used, but not very much, in order to conserve battery. The latest known position is used and when you've shown the map the position is refreshed if you move quite far (most users don't). You can force an update by using for instance the Radar function for a while.

Barcode Scanner doesn't work
Ensure you are using the latest version. The camera on Tattoo and similar low end phones that lack Auto Focus can not really be used for scanning. There is a known bug in 1.6 that has various workarounds added for X10 recently. In some cases uninstall/reinstall has helped. Fallback: You can always enter the barcode numbers manually in the search field.

Why are other applications used for barcodes and radar?
Maintaining a barcode scanner with workarounds for all new devices requires resources that I don't have - but Google sure has. Hence, using an existing application is a lot better, this also means that even though you may have several applications that need to use barcodes, you only need to install it once. This is "the Android Way".

I want more products and shops!
These are updated and added continously. Visit (or equivalent) or send suggestions to to state your wish list.

The barcode I read doesn't match anything - what should I do?
Currently these are all logged for future use. You can suggest barcodes using the separate "Inventory" application.

The shop location in the map is incorrect - what should I do?
For now you can contact In the future you may be able to suggest coordinates.

The product I searched for is on the site but is still not shown in Android
Currently, uncategorized products can not be shown since they have a different structure. Also, books are separated out. Stay tuned...

I know how to the make the application more beautiful - what should I do?
Please send explicit and creative suggestions to me.

I have a wonderful idea for a new feature!
Cool, send it to me and I'll see what I can do.

Why can i no longer save shop addresses to Contacts?
In 1.x the only way to save to contacts is having full write access. 2.x+ has a way that requires less permissions which is now used. Sadly this means that 1.6 users can no longer save since the permissions must be fixed. Ideally you should be able to allow/disable this at installation time, and I have filed an enhancement request for this quite some time ago - please put a star on Issue 6266 on Google Code so that it may show up in a future version of Android.


Tip: Anywhere you seem to lack a feature, try a longpress in the result you see.

Main menu

Press Search and enter what you are interested in to get a list of matching products. Note that the list that unfolds below the entry field will automatically learn from your earlier searches and selections.

Categories enables you to browse the hierarchy similar to the web site. The number of products in each category is shown and in may cases you can apply predefined filters to what is shown. The lists are fetched in chunks of 20 at a time and can be sorted using the menu.

If you click Read Barcode you can scan a barcode just like in any shop. This requires a separate application called Barcode Scanner - if it isn't installed already, you will be guided to the right part of Market.

Feedback lets you send a message to me. Please do as it isn't possible for me to reply to what you write on Market, but obviosuly I read that too.

Help & tips is what you are reading right now.

By pressing Menu you can adjust your personal Settings.

Where am I? tries to figure out where you are. This requires either GPS or "Wireless networks" - if both are disabled you will be shown the menu where it can be changed. When enabled you can use the closest shop feature.

Read barcode

To be able to scan you need satisfactory light conditions - luckily most shops have this. Be sure to scan the "correct" barcode - typically 12 (UPS) or 13 (EAN) digits like in the picture, but some shops will tape their own special codes on top. For DVD films etc it is typically the one on the back you are after. Red 2 for 1 stickers and similar on the front hardly ever work.

Search results

This list shows the matches along with rating, category and price. Click the one you are after.

Tip: A longpress will pop up a menu with various shortcuts. If you press Menu the items can be sorted. Note that these lists are currently limited in length so selecting a different sort order will actually change the structure of data delivered from the server.

Product details

Picture, ranking, category and rating shown at the top followed by a list of shops, ordered by increased pricetag with rating and possibly stock information. Click a shop to go to the web site (if there is one). Click the image to get more options.


Similar to product details, but shows rating and comments from users for the selected product.

Closest shops

Again similar to product details, but instead shows real shops ordered by distance from your current location. Note that this may affect the price.

Tip: A longpress here will also give the option to Show closest shops in map. By longpressing a shop you can call it, show it on the map or show the direction in Radar. When you show the map you get a little sign with the address - klick it to navigate there (assuming you have a navigator installed). If you select Radar, you will se a radar type display with distance and direction to the shop so that you can easily walk there from your parking place etc. Note that you need the separate Radar application for this (again the application will help you) and that some coordinates are not perfect (yet).

Related products

Similar to a search result, but shows products that have been registered as similar to the one you just selected.

Show shops in map

All shops from the "closest" list are presented on a suitable map. Your own position is indicated with an Android image while each shop has a PriceSpy image and the current price below. Zoom and move around as usual and then click the shop you are interested in for more options to visit, call or show radar.

Tip: When shops are close together there is a menu item to zoom in and centre at that position.


I started out making this application as there was no effective way of finding a good price from an Android phone in Sweden and I felt that I would really want to use the site data. Luckily the good guys at Prisjakt were very positive to this so progress could be swift.

You may want to combine this app with "Inventory" to keep track of the things you (and your friends) want and have. Please check out all my apps available on Market.

Best / Jonas